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Press Quotes

TX MUSIC MAGAZINE:  Named one of Texas Music Magazine's artist's of the year

"an earthy combination of strength and compassion . . . reminiscent of the winsome beauty created by a young Nanci Griffith”
Austin Chronicle

"Carrie is a fantastically warm singer...a master of conveying the message and emotions of her characters"
Fish Records, UK

"the sense of vivid connection to Carrie's experience and to her vision of the world epitomises why I listen to singer-songwriters like her"
Flyin' Shoes, UK

"I have never seen a performer so in love with the act of singing. That's the gospel truth, and from what I've subsequently learned I'm not the only one to believe or state that. Onstage Elkin was simply a force of nature….”
Maverick Magazine

“Carrie Elkin’s fourth release resounds with a sense of warm, earthy poetry that combines a strong folk/soul framework, her own sweet-toned but characterful vocals and quietly offbeat writing that never seems wilfully eccentric.”
Maverick Magazine

“This album is an absolute treasure trove of riches: the songs, the singing and the music all have complexities that take time to explore and offer new possibilities of appreciation and interpretation each time round.”
Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

“Elkin presents herself as one of the most accomplished of America’s songwriting breed.”
Rock & Reel Magazine

“Elkins' mix of trad folk and modern country is so natural, it flies on its own.”

“We happily accept everything Elkin has to offer, especially the way she finds humanity in her heartworn heroes.”
Minor 7th

“I’m thinking Patty Griffin, Nanci Griffith and Iris DeMent....spellbinding from the opening track”
Bob Harris, BBC Radio

“Carrie Elkin’s songs are, at once, intimate yet universal, naked yet richly adorned. Her voice is simply revelatory”

“Instantly likeable, clever and rewarding”
Maverick Magazine

“Carrie Elkin displays one of the most powerful female voices”
Cleveland Scene

“Very few people in this world can captivate an audience with just a voice and a guitar the way Carrie Elkin can.”
Athens Music Network

“She is a serious songwriter and a gifted vocalist...Elkin is going places.”
Steamboat Pilot